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Run a mail and placed-order report in Klaviyo
Run a mail and placed-order report in Klaviyo
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1. To run a mail and placed-order report for net-new leads from in Klaviyo, go to Custom Reports > Create from scratch in Klaviyo.

2. Select Multi-Metric Report from the top drop-down, name it Retention Mail and Placed Order Report, and configure these metrics.

Received Email > Total > SUM
Opened Email > Unique Profiles > SUM
Clicked Email > Unique Profiles > SUM
Marked Email as Spam > Total > SUM
Unsubscribed > Unique Profiles > SUM
Placed Order > Value > SUM
Placed Order > Total > SUM

3. Click Add Group By.

4. Set it to ‘data_source’ where data_source equals GE—and use Last 365 Days by Month. Click Save & Run Report.

Note: Your account must have the integration identifier enabled, so ensure your account executive enables that for you if it isn't already.

5. This will show how the new-to-file users are generating revenue. This does not include any existing users who re-triggered a Reclaim flow.

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