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Dashboard for Affiliates and Agencies
Dashboard for Affiliates and Agencies
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You can manage your affiliate accounts (Affiliates) or sub-accounts (Agencies) and track their revenue in your account.

Remember: Your Affiliate or Agency account must have a Stripe account set up for payouts, and the account must be active to receive payouts. If payouts are not set up, you will see a Set Up Payment button when you go to the Affiliates/Sub-Accounts Dashboard. Click it, and connect it to a U.S.-based Stripe account.

Navigate Affiliate and Sub-Account Dashboards

1. From your dashboard, go to Affiliates in the left-hand navigation.

For Agencies, go to Sub-Accounts.

2. In the Affiliate Revenue tab, you'll see a Revenue Summary: total revenue over all time, the number of active affiliate accounts and the monthly revenue average. Next to View, you can switch between All, Paying, and Non-Paying accounts. Each Company on your affiliates list will show the company name, name of the account holder, account status, plan amount, and what your revenue will be for each (if they are eligible for payouts).

For Agencies, the Sub-Accounts Dashboard will also show the bill date, and you can click Act As to access the sub-account.

3. Go to Payout History to see the Payout Period, Payout Date, number of Primary and Secondary Referrals, and the Payout Amount. Click the + next to the Payout Period for a breakdown of which accounts were included in that payout. You'll see the company's tier (primary or secondary), amount of payment made, referral rate (either 5 or 20 percent depending on the tier), status (eligible or ineligible), and the amount of the payout for each.

4. If you don't receive a payout for an affiliate or sub-account, check the Payout History to see if they are eligible. Accounts that have been credited, refunded, or had a payment failed will be ineligible for payouts.

5. If the payout failed to send to your Stripe account, you will see the Payment Failed message in the Payout History. Reach out to support[at] for more information.

6. You can also Request New Account and your Account Registration Link in the Affiliate Dashboard.

And Request Sub-Account and Account Registration Link in the Agency Dashboard.

Have questions? Message us on chat, or email us at support[at]retention[dot]com!

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