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How Attribution Works
How Attribution Works
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When someone visits your site, we find their email almost immediately. We then wait 15 minutes (the default, which can be adjusted) before sending you their contact information. This delay is to ensure we don’t send over someone who identifies themselves on your website (ex. sign up, make a purchase, etc.) during their visit.

Once the 15 minutes is up and we have sent you their contact information you will be able to see them on your Dashboard, Contacts tab and in the ESP you've integrated with. Your Welcome Flow emails will then start hitting their inbox once they land in your mailing list (if you have set up the flow).

What we don't collect

We use the term “suppression” to refer to contacts that should not identify for you.

This includes contacts already on your mailing list (both subscribed & unsubscribed) and those who voluntarily identify themselves to you by signing up or placing an order.

We do not attribute any revenue to these contacts.

For more information on suppression, click here.

How we attribute revenue

Grow Revenue: We only attribute revenue to when a contact we have identified returns to your site after at least 12 hours and makes a purchase. Any orders placed within the first 12 hours of when we first send you their contact information will not be attributed to

Why? If someone goes to your site with the intent to purchase, we want to ensure we DO NOT attribute revenue for this purchase.

For example if someone was to visit your site at 9:00 AM, and made a purchase anytime before 9:00 PM that day, we would not attribute any of this revenue to is not strictly an acquisition channel and is not always the last touch. That is why our attribution may vary from some analytics platforms that use last-touch, non-direct attribution, such as Google Analytics.

Reclaim Revenue: We track and attribute Reclaim revenue directly from your ESP’s abandonment flows. Currently, we can only display Reclaim revenue for Klaviyo users, which relies on their tested attribution models. We are aiming to add this revenue tracking for other ESPs in the coming months.

How to measure ROI

You can measure your ROI in both and your ESP.

Evaluating ROI from Your Dashboard:

Lifetime ROI is the total impact we’ve had on your business since starting with us. This data comes from combining the value of orders placed from any net new contact we have added to your mailing list (what we call your Grow Contacts), as well as any revenues reported from your Abandonment Flows (known as your Reclaim Flows)*. This is a ROAS style calculation that also factors in the amount that you’ve paid for your subscription.

Grow contact revenues are tracked when one of these leads places an order after 12 hours and our revenue tracking script captures their order during checkout.

Reclaim Abandonment revenues are tracked directly from your Klaviyo account (data lags behind Klaviyo by about 24 hours).

These sections report revenue generated during the time period selected in the date picker:

Reclaim Flow breakouts come from your Retention abandonment flows (Checkout Started, Add to Cart, Viewed Product, and/or Category Views).*

The Grow Contacts breakdown includes total revenues that have come from Net New R! contacts that made a purchase either from an email flow or campaign, or returned to your site later to make a purchase. We wait 12 hours before claiming any purchases from these leads. Please note that the Meta Audience on its own does not contribute to tracked revenue at this time.

Cumulative Revenue is a combined total of both your Grow and Reclaim revenues:

Evaluating ROI in your ESP

To get a clear picture of how well our contacts are performing for your brand, we recommend creating a segment in your ESP for all of the contacts we’ve added to your list in order to evaluate the LTV of these leads.

In Klaviyo, attribution is tracked using their last touch attribution model, which attributes revenue based on a 5-day interaction window for email (opens or clicks) and 24 hours for SMS unless those settings are manually changed. For more details on Klaviyo's attribution tracking, click here.

For more details on how to analyze your ROI in your ESP, contact your Client Success Manager.

*Please note that we can currently only show Reclaim revenue for Klaviyo users.

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