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How to look at ROI in Klaviyo
How to look at ROI in Klaviyo
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To analyze your ROI in Klaviyo, you need to create and export a Segment to CSV.


A few things are required for this to work:

  1. You must be syncing your contacts into a standalone list in Klaviyo and/or

  2. You must have our integration identifier turned on.

  3. You must have our revenue tracking script installed.

In Klaviyo

1: Go to Lists & Segments, click Create List/Segment, then Segment. Name your segment.

2. For your segment Definition, here is what you'll need to select:

If someone is in or not in a list
Person is in
Select list name

IF you are using our integration identifier (data_source = GE), then click OR and add:

Properties about someone
data_source equals GE

Next, click +AND and select:

What someone has done (or not done)
Has placed order at least once after [YOUR START DATE OF COLLECTION]

3. Click Create Segment. Once the segment has finished building, click Manage Segment > Export Segment to CSV:

4. Select the following fields to export (and include any additional that you prefer):

  • Historic Customer Lifetime Value

  • Predicted Customer Lifetime Value

  • Total Customer Lifetime Value

5. This generates a CSV that you can download and use to add up your total historic revenue from all emails.

Optional definitions

To further segment your flow, you can incorporate conditions like these as needed:

What someone has done (or not done)
Has Received Email at least once over all time

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