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All About Two-Factor Authentication
All About Two-Factor Authentication
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We've added two-factor authentication to to keep your account(s) more secure. Two-factor authentication is an added layer that requires one additional login credential β€” via email or mobile β€” to allow account access.

When will this be used?

There are two instances where you'll see the two-step authentication:

  1. Account and New User Creation: When a new account is created or a new user is added, you'll verify your login email using two-factor authentication.

  2. Login Security: If you log in from a new IP or browser, we will use two-factor authentication.

How will I receive the verification code?

The default verification method will be your login email address.

However, you can choose the SMS option (if you prefer) by going to My Account > Account Details > Users and clicking the three dots next to your user name.

Then, choose either Email or SMS next to Two-Step Verification. Click Update when you're finished.

How to complete authentication

Copy the six-digit code you'll receive via either email or SMS, and paste it into the box on the Account Verification page. Then, click Continue.

If you didn't receive the verification code, click the Resend code link to have it sent again.

Have questions?

Email us at support(at)retention(dot)com, or message us on chat!

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