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All About Reporting
All About Reporting
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To learn more about the contacts you've collected or your revenue tracking data, you can dive into the Reporting features in your account.

Dashboard Reports

From your's Dashboard, you'll see your Plan Usage. This will show you the percentage of your plan used for the month, how many contacts are on your plan, how many you have remaining, if you've collected overage contacts, and how many you've collected so far during the plan period.

Below that, you can view an overview of contacts acquired:

Here's what that data will tell you (depending on which scripts/features you use):

  • Total: The total number of contacts you've collected during the time frame (you can choose to see data for either the Week or Month)

  • Today: How many contacts you've collected so far today

  • 7 Day: The number of contacts you've collected during the past seven days

  • 30 Days: The number of contacts you've collected during the past 30 days

  • Record Count: How many contacts you collected for the time-frame shown on the graph (8 days or calendar month)

Now, let's break down the lines on the graph by color (if you don't use revenue tracking, not all of these lines will appear):

  • Purple: Dollar amount of products left in abandoned carts

  • Green: Dollar amount of orders attributed to contacts

  • Yellow: How many overage contacts you collected

  • Blue: How many contacts you've collected

  • Red: How many contacts were suppressed using the suppression script

Revenue Tracking

If you've placed the revenue tracking script on your e-commerce site, you will see your Revenue reports at the top of your Dashboard.

Once you have placed the revenue tracking script successfully on your website and events are flowing into, you'll see a data table in your dashboard that says Processing.

This lets you know your revenue tracking script has been properly added and once there are enough orders from contacts to generate data, the table will update with real numbers.

Once you have data loaded, you can view it by week or month by toggling between the Weekly and Monthly options at the top, next to Revenue.

This data includes:

  • Current Revenue: We record revenue for all of your purchase events, but we only claim revenues that come from a contact

  • Contacts: Number of contacts collected from, with a week-over-week comparison line graph

  • Return on Investment: Revenue per contact collected from

You can click View More next to any of these for more information. For example, viewing more in Current Revenue or Return on Investment will show you Event Details: email, event, details, and date.

You can also click to Show All Events which loads any events (in red) that were not attributed to contacts.

For any order, click Show More to view the Order Number associated with the event.


To learn more about the contacts you're collecting, check out the Trends tab in the left-hand navigation. Once you've collected your first batch of contacts, you will see data populate in this section.

Trends will show you the following data:

  • Contacts by Landing Page

  • Contacts by Domain

  • Contacts by Email Provider

  • Contacts by Hour of Day

You can also change the timeframe for the data in the top right-hand corner by clicking either:

  • Last Day

  • Last Week

  • Last Month

Reviewing data from the past month will give you a better grasp of the big picture.

Here's a breakdown of each Trends section and what it shows you.

Contacts by Landing Page

Contacts by Landing Page will show by default (you can toggle between this section and Contacts by Domain.) This gives you a quick snapshot of which landing pages are matching the most contacts.

You'll see a max of 10 landing pages from your site, along with the percentage of contacts collected from each page.

Hover over the URLs (blurred below) to see the full link.

Contacts by Domain

Next to Contacts by Landing Page, click Contacts by Domain (the box will turn blue).

This section will show you a maximum of 10 results of which domain your contacts were collected from, from highest to lowest.

Contacts by Email Provider

This pie chart displays which email providers (ex. Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc.) your collected contacts use, with a maximum number of 15 domains shown.

Contacts by Hour of Day

This graph shows how many contacts were collected per hour.

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