Integrate with Stripe
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You can integrate your account directly with Stripe.An integration between and Stripe allows you to see when a contact identified by places an order on your site and view/track ROI.

What you'll need

1. Your API Key.2. From your Stripe dashboard, click Developers > API keys. Then, copy the Token next to Secret key.

To get started

1. Click on Integrations from the left navigation panel in Retention.coms. Then, click Available Integrations at the top and choose the Stripe icon.

2. Paste your API Key, and click Connect.

3. Choose whether or not you want to enable the Stripe integration now. Once you enable the integration, your suppression and collection sync settings will apply and begin. Then, click Finish.

4. Once the integration is complete, you will see the integration date, API details, and order sync information.

Order sync

1. To turn the Order sync on/off, click Integrations > Dots > Settings.

2. Click the pencil icon next to Order Sync.

3. Choose whether or not you want to automatically load sales order data by toggling Yes or No. Then, click Save.

Remove the integration

1. To remove the integration, click Integrations > Dots > Remove.

eCommerce Cohort Analysis

Once you have integrated with Stripe and are using the revenue-tracking script, you will see the eCommerce Cohort Analysis table on your dashboard. This will show you the number of contacts and revenue acquired by month, as well as your total revenue.

If you have questions about the error message, you can contact support at support[at]retention[dot]com.

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