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You can set up and change notifications for your billing, reports, loaded data, and if you're nearing/exceeding your max plan. Here's how to manage all of your notifications:1. Go to My Account > Notifications from your dashboard.

2. You will then see options to add recipients for notifications and also turn notifications on/off (YES/NO). Your billing notifications are always on. You can control notifications for billing, daily/weekly reports, when data has loaded, and if you're nearing/exceeding the plan max.

3. Next to Email, choose whether you want to receive a daily or weekly report (or both) by toggling between Yes/No for each. If you choose Yes, add a recipient's email address in the text box. You can add multiple recipients to receive the notifications.

4. You can also receive an SMS message letting you know when the Data Has Loaded and if you are Nearing/Exceeding the Plan Max. If you choose Yes for these notifications, add one or more 10-digit phone numbers into the text boxes.

5. When you're finished adding or editing your notifications, click Update Notifications.

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