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Does have a whitelabel?
Does have a whitelabel?
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One question we get from agencies is if has a white-label option.We don't have our own white-label YET. BUT you can achieve a white-label by following these easy steps:

Use Google Tag Manager

There are two ways to achieve a white-label in GTM:

  1. If you're managing your client's Google Tag Manager account, you can add the script into their account. They would only be able to find the script if they went looking for it, which isn't likely if you're managing the account for them. Here are the steps for adding your snippet script to Google Tag Manager.

  2. If they don't have their own Google Tag Manager account, you can create your own. Only give the client the Google Tag Manager script to place on their site (or place it for them).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that when you set up an integration to sync contacts into the client's ESP, that you do NOT name the list "" or refer to in any way. Just name the list "Your Agency Name Leads," or something along those lines. The customer does not see where the leads come from - the list name is the only thing they would see.This allows you to buy the contacts from us and sell them to your client for whatever price you choose.

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