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At, we approach every interface with the idea of making it as clean and simple as possible, and our APIs are no different. One of the keys to success is listening to its users and incorporating their feedback. For help with the API, please email support[at]retention[dot]com.

The most common use case for accessing the API is to set up automated daily suppression of your contact list to ensure that we are not passing you contacts you already have. This is typically necessary if the integration you're using does not offer automated suppression. You should start by manually loading your full list as a CSV file into the suppression section of your R! account, followed by setting up a daily update via API.

To set this up, you will need to start by creating your API Key and ID in your account as outlined below, then use our API docs to get started. The suppression section is located here.

Getting Started:

1. You can create and find your API ID and Key under My Account > API Details in your account.

2. If you don't currently have an API Key and API ID created, click New Credentials.

3. In the pop-up box, enter a Name and Description for your API Credentials. Click Create. (You can change these later.)

4. Your API Key and API ID will appear, along with icons that let you easily copy and paste.

5. Now that your API connection is set up, click below to access our API documentation.

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