What are Grow & Reclaim?
Updated over a week ago

GROW captures emails from your anonymous website visitors, even if they don't fill out a form. We pass that email address to your email marketing account one time. You send them newsletters to warm them up and move them down the funnel.

Note: These visitors will NOT receive cart/product abandonment flows unless you have Reclaim installed.

RECLAIM helps you send out more abandoned cart and product flows. The problem it's solving is that today, only LOGGED IN USERS can receive these flows.

Reclaim expands the audience of recipients to two net-new audiences:

1) Visitors who are on your list, but on a different device and

2) Visitors who WE have the opt-in for (via GROW), but you don't yet

Reclaim will trigger an abandoned cart, product, or category flow based on these visitors' ongoing behavior on your website.

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