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All About Trends
All About Trends
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To learn more about the contacts you're collecting, check out Trends.


Once you've collected your first batch of contacts, you will see data populate in this section.

From your Dashboard, click Trends in the left-hand navigation.

  • Trends will show you the following data:

  • Contacts by Landing Page

  • Contacts by Domain

  • Contacts by Email Provider

  • Contacts by Hour of Day

You can also change the timeframe for the data in the top right-hand corner by clicking either:

  • Last Day

  • Last Week

  • Last Month

Reviewing data from the past month will give you a better grasp of the big picture.

Here's a breakdown of each Trends section and what it shows you.

Contacts by Landing Page

Contacts by Landing Page will show by default (you can toggle between this section and Contacts by Domain.) This gives you a quick snapshot of which landing pages are matching the most contacts.

You'll see a max of 10 landing pages from your site, along with the percentage of contacts collected from each page.

Hover over the URLs (blurred below) to see the full link.

Contacts by Domain

Next to Contacts by Landing Page, click Contacts by Domain (the box will turn brown).

This section will show you a maximum of 10 results of which domain your contacts were collected from, from highest to lowest.

Contacts by Email Provider

This pie chart displays which email providers (ex. Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc.) your collected contacts use, with a maximum number of 15 domains shown.

Contacts by Hour of Day

This graph shows how many contacts were collected per hour.

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