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Use advanced search for contacts
Use advanced search for contacts
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You can search for and export contacts using different criteria with our advanced search feature. That allows you to see how many contacts you collected during a specified date range—or search for names, referrers, landing page URLs, email domains, and more.

1. To use the advanced search tool, go to Contacts > Show All Contacts.

2. Click Advanced Search.

3. Choose whether you want the search contacts to match Any or All of the rules. Then, click the drop-down menu to choose what to search for: first name, last name, state, city, email, email domain, landing domain, landing page URL, referrer, or collection date.

NOTE: If you are not on a plan that includes names and/or addresses, searching for first name, last name, state, and city will not produce results.

4. Set the next condition (ex. is, is between, contains, is not, starts, with, etc.) and add the required information for the last condition(s). For example, if you search by Collection Date, you can choose Is On or Is Between and then the date(s). Finally, click Search Contacts.

5. If no contacts match the search conditions you've set, you will receive this error message.

6. If the search runs for several minutes without showing results, there might be too many contacts who match the conditions you've set—so try to narrow it down.

How to export contacts

To export all of the contacts you've collected, go to Contacts > Export All.

Or, click the number of contacts for a specific day and then Export Contacts to export only that day. You can also export them after an Advanced Search by clicking Export Contacts.

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