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How to set up Reclaim for Abandoned Checkout in Klaviyo
How to set up Reclaim for Abandoned Checkout in Klaviyo
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This feature can identify abandoned checkout events for known, non-logged in customers. If you use this feature, we will send all of those Checkout Started events to you.

To use this feature, you must first ensure that you’re using the most recent version of our script on your website. You can find your script in your account under Code Script > View Script. Click here for a link to all our tutorials on how to add the script to your site, in case you need a refresher.

If you're using our custom Shopify Integration app, the Checkout Started script will automatically be installed.

Set up Abandoned Checkout flow

Once you set up the custom Shopify Integration app and we've enabled the feature for you, you will see the Checkout Started Reclaim events in your R! account as well as in Klaviyo.


1. Clone your existing Shopify Abandoned checkout (Checkout Started) abandonment flow in Klaviyo**.**

2. Name it “Checkout Started Reclaim” and change the Trigger metric from Checkout Started to "Checkout Started Reclaim.”

3. If you're starting from scratch, Create a New Flow and choose "Metric" as your flow trigger, then Checkout Started Reclaim.

It is important to note that you want your flow logic to prioritize this flow over all others because it’s the lowest in the funnel.

Edit or update your flow filters to include the following:


Extend the existing delay. For example, if your current Checkout Started delay is 1 hour, set this delay for 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 min). If you’re starting from scratch, add a delay of 1 hour.


Update the flow filters for your higher-in-the-funnel flows (Abandoned Cart/AddToCart and Browse Abandonment/Product View).

Make sure you update each flow to exclude Checkout Started Reclaim events (Checkout Started Reclaim zero times since starting this flow). Please ensure that all other Reclaims flows are updated to include the same 'Checkout Started Reclaim' filter.


Choose the first email in your Retention Checkout Started Reclaim flow, open the email editor and ensure that the row collection variable in “Table Settings” is either event.extra.line_items or event.extra.line_items|default:'’

If this requires a change, the row collection will need to be updated in each individual email in the flow. If your row collection is already event.extra.line_items or event.extra.line_items|default:'’, then no further action is needed.

It’s always a good idea to check each individual email in the flow via “Preview and Test” mode to ensure that the template is appropriately populating.

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