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Set up Reclaim for Viewed Product in Listrak
Set up Reclaim for Viewed Product in Listrak
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This feature can identify browse abandonment/viewed product contents for both unknown, non-logged in users (Grow contacts) and known, non-logged in customers (emails in your Grow suppression list). If you use this feature, we will send all of those Viewed Product events to you.

NOTE: We must enable this feature for you. If you’ve not already spoken with someone on our team, please ensure you request that we enable this for you.

To use this feature, you must have the most recent version of our script on your website and the Listrak (For Reclaim) integration. You can find your script in your account under Code Script > View Script. Click here for a link to all our tutorials on how to add the script to your site, in case you need a refresher.

The steps for how to setup a Listrak (For Reclaim) integration are below (starting in the "What you need" section).

On your website

Note: If you're using our custom Shopify Integration app, the Viewed Product script will automatically be installed.

Inside of your site builder, add our Viewed Product script to fire when someone views a product:

<script>geq.event('Viewed Product Reclaim', item);</script>

If you do not have an existing Viewed Product tracking script, add this to your theme:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var item = {
        Name: ##{{ product.title|json }},
        ProductID: ##{{|json }},
        ImageURL: "https:##{{ product.featured_image.src|img_url:'grande' }}",
        URL: "##{{ shop.secure_url }}##{{ product.url }}",
        Brand: ##{{ product.vendor|json }},
        Price: ##{{ product.price|money|json }},
        CompareAtPrice: ##{{ product.compare_at_price_max|money|json }}
geq.event('Viewed Product Reclaim', item);

What you need

1. To set up the Listrak (For Reclaim) integration, you will need your Client ID and Client Secret. In Listrak, go to Integrations > Integrations Management > New Integration.

2. Choose Cross Channel API.

3. Click Setup. Name the Integration at the top. Check the boxes for List, Contact,Segmentation, and Event under Access Levels. You'll need to whitelist our IPs, which are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact support at support[at]retention[dot]com for an updated list.

Click Save.

4. Click Apply.

5. Then, copy your Client ID and Client Secret.

Set up integration

1. Go to Integrations > Available Integrations and select Listrak (For Reclaim).

2. Enter your Client ID and Client Secret, and click Connect.

3. Choose Yes to upload collected contacts, and click Next.

4. Enable the integration and then click Finish. Remember: Once you enable the Listrak (For Reclaim) integration, your collection sync settings will apply and begin.

5. Once the integration is complete, you will see the integration date and API details. You can also Disable/Enable and Remove the integration from this page at the top.

Configure events

You must add the event properties in Listrak that you want to send so they can be used in your journeys.

1. Go to Automation > Custom Events > New Custom Event.

2. Name the custom event Viewed Product Reclaim. Click Add Property, and add the Property Name and Data Type for each of your specific event properties. The property names below are examples, but all events must include 'processed_at > Date.'

3. Click Create.

Next, follow the steps for either Conductor or Journey Hub (depending on which tool you use in Listrak).


Note: If you don't have an existing Browse Abandonment/Viewed Product email, you will need to create one to use for your Viewed Product Reclaim events.

1. Go to Automation > Conversations. Then, click New Conversation.

2. Name it Viewed Product Reclaim, and click Create Conversation.

3. Select New Trigger.

4. Click the '+' next to Viewed Product Reclaim and then Update.

5. Click the + and then choose Wait Step.

4. Set the Wait Duration so that it's longer than your current flow's delay. For example, if your current Browse Abandonment/Viewed Product flow has a 30-minute delay, set a 45-minute delay. Then, click Update.

5. Next, edit the Action Step.

6. Use this criteria, and click Update.

Action Type > Set Checkbox > Set the Segment Field > [Name of existing Browse Abandonment flow]
Set the checkbox to > [Check the box]

7. Click the + next to Action Step, and click Go to Step.

8. Go to Segment Filter and use this criteria:

Contact Behavior > Purchase History > Last Order Date > Is After > 15 Days Before Today (Adjust the days to best fit how often your store receives orders)

Click Update.

That will show the segment filter criteria. Click Update again.

9. Click the + next to the step you just created, and choose Message Step.

10. Create New Message or Edit a Saved Message that you will use for the Viewed Product Reclaim contacts. Then, click Update.

11. Once you're finished setting up the flow, click Publish.

Journey Hub

Note: If you don't have an existing Browse Abandonment/Viewed Product email, you will need to create one to use for your Viewed Product Reclaim events.

1. Go to Automation > Journeys.

2. Search for your existing Browse Abandonment Journey. Select the settings for that journey, and click Duplicate.

3. Name the journey Viewed Product Reclaim, and Create Journey.

4. Click Custom Event and choose Viewed Product Reclaim from the drop-down list.

5. Keep the same Re-entry Rules you have set for your current Browse Abandonment flow (ex. 7 days).

6. Set up the Entry Prevention Rules so that contacts Currently in journey > [existing Browse Abandonment journey] are excluded.

7. Update the Wait time in the flow to be longer than the current delay. For example, if your existing Browse Abandonment flow has a 30-minute wait time, you could change this flow to have a 45-minute wait.

8. Under Decisions, choose Purchase History Split and add it to the flow below Wait. Set the split so that contacts who have made a purchase within the last 7-14 days (the exact number of days will vary depending on your customer's purchasing habits) will exit the flow.

9. Update the email in the flow as needed. Name it Reclaim, and then click Select a Message.

10. Select a Message Source (Conductor or Saved Message). Then, select the list it's from and the message from the drop-down lists. Click Select.

11. Once you're finished, click Activate.

Viewed Product events

Additionally, you can see these events successfully passing through in your account when you see the Viewed Product Reclaim option populate under Event Details. This is an easy way to confirm that our events have been successfully implemented.

Have questions? Message us on chat or email us at support[at]!

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