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Set up Meta persistent audiences for prospecting
Set up Meta persistent audiences for prospecting
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Once you've enabled the Meta/Facebook integration and leads are populating in the Retention Custom Audience, set up the Retention Lookalike Audience and associated prospecting campaign.

Note: You must accept Meta/Facebook's terms for Custom Audiences before going live.

For information on how to use our Meta persistent audiences for retargeting, click here.

Create Lookalike audience

1. Go to Audience in the Meta Business Suite. Click Create audience > Lookalike audience.

2. When choosing a source, select Other sources and find the Retention Audience custom audience.

3. Choose Countries > North America > United States. Next, select the audience size. An audience size of 1-2% will produce a lower volume but better performance. An audience size of 3% or more will provide a higher volume but lower performance. Click Create audience.

Apply to existing prospecting campaigns

Add the Retention Lookalike audience to a new ad set on the prospecting campaigns you're running.

1. Duplicate your existing prospecting ad set, and keep it under the Existing campaign. Rename it Retention Lookalike Prospecting. Click Duplicate.

2. Click to edit the Lookalike Retention audience. Leave the ad settings the same except for the audience targeting. Scroll to Audience, and include the Retention Lookalike audience and exclude these filters.

Exclude people who are in at least one of the following:

30 day buyer
45 day visitor

3. Once the Audience Targeting has been set, click Publish in the bottom-right corner. Ensure the ad set is Active so it will start serving.

Dashboard details

From your dashboard, scroll down to Overview of Contacts Acquired > Meta Audience.

Here you will see the total number of all site visitor synced, including repeats. This does not represent a unique total, so the audience size you see in Meta may be smaller than this number.

Meta purges your audience every 30 to 180 days, but a new sync event resets the time frame that Meta allows the user to stay in the audience. That allows you to retarget each site visitor for a longer period of time.

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