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How to integrate with Postscript
How to integrate with Postscript
Updated over a week ago

**This integration is specifically built to be used with our Reclaim product. It does not work for our Grow product.**

To use Reclaim Add to Cart and/or Viewed Product for Postscript, you must first set up an integration in Retention.

1. You will need your Private API Key. In Postscript, go to the Settings and click API. Click Create Security Key Pair.

2. Click Yes to create the key pair.

3. Click to Show the Private Key, and then copy it.

4. From your account, go to Integrations > Available Integrations, and choose Postscript.

5. Paste your API Key, and click Connect.

6. Click Yes to turn on your Reclaim data sync. Click Next.

7. Click Enable and then Finish. Once you enable the integration, your collection sync settings will apply and begin.

8. You will see the Integration Settings where you can Disable/Enable and Remove the integration. You can also view or change the API Details or turn your Reclaim sync on/off.

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