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Integrate with Attentive SMS for Reclaim
Integrate with Attentive SMS for Reclaim
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You can integrate your account directly with Attentive SMS.

  1. This integration, in conjunction with our Add to Cart events, will pass a custom Add to Cart event tied to an email address to Attentive.

  2. If that person has an opted in email address and phone number, they will receive an abandoned cart SMS.

  3. You must set up an automated journey in Attentive in order to trigger the SMS messages (copy your existing abandoned cart flow).

  4. You must have our Add to Cart script implemented.

What you'll need

1. Your API Key. From your Attentive dashboard, go to Marketplace > Create app.

2. Give the app a name, and add your email address so Attentive can contact you if there are issues.

3. Set these permissions, and click Create.

4. Copy your API key. Be sure to save this because you won't be able to view it again.

To get started

1. Click on Integrations from the left navigation panel in Then, click Available Integrations at the top and choose the Attentive icon.

2. Paste your API Key, and click Connect.

3. Turn on Reclaim sync and select SMS. If you know you'll be using Email, go ahead and check that, too.

4. Enable the integration, and click Finish.

Once the integration is complete, you will see the integration date and API details. You can also Remove the integration from this page at the top.

In Attentive

1. Create a new Journey from scratch.

2. Use the 'Reclaim Add to Cart' event to trigger the journey.

3. In the copy, create a branch.

4. Split those who have made a purchase at least once since the journey started and send them down a path that does nothing.

5. For the other path, create another Branch to exclude those who have received a text at least once in the last 24 hours where journey = your original abandoned cart journey with a 30-minute delay.

6. The rest should receive the abandoned cart text. Your flow will look something like this:

7. Please note at this time that we do not have any visibility into performance within Attentive; we are happy to assist you with monitoring results if you'd like to give your rep access to your account.

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