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Why didn't my suppression list upload?
Why didn't my suppression list upload?
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A suppression list is beneficial because it keeps you from paying for duplicate contacts who are already on your email marketing list. But what happens when a suppression list doesn't upload? Here's what to check for if you're having issues.

How to fix the suppression list

1. If you attempt to upload a suppression file and it fails, you may see an error message like this one:

2. A possible cause for this error is that your file has extra columns and data, like in this example:

3. If this is the case, open the file in Excel, Google Sheets, or whichever program it was created in. To keep from losing your original data, save a new version of the spreadsheet by clicking File > Save As.

4. Name the file in the Save As box, and click Save.

5. Using the new file, remove all of the extra data, leaving only the email addresses. Right click (or Control click) the column(s) to be deleted and then click Delete.

6. The finished file should look like this one.

7. Once the file has been reformated, attempt to reload it into If you continue to have issues, email support[at]retention[dot]com.

Need help on how to upload your suppression list into View our tutorial.

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