Set up Reclaim for Active on Site in Klaviyo
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The "Active on Site" feature detects and identifies known customers currently visiting your website, even if they do not engage further.

This feature will trigger an event with the following details:

  • Page

  • Domain

  • Mobile

  • Platform

  • Referrer

  • PageTitle

  • UserAgent

  • BrowserVersion

GETTING ACCESS: This feature is not available for activation directly through the dashboard. Please contact your representative if you haven't already done so to request this feature (Shopify users only).

Getting started

If you're using our the most up to date version of our custom Shopify Integration app, the Active on Site script will automatically be installed, however, as noted above, we must activate it for you.

Non-Shopify users can request assistance with installing the needed script on your eComm platform at

Click here for a link to all our tutorials on how to add the script to your site, in case you need a refresher.

Set up an Active on Site Reclaim Flow in Klaviyo

1. Clone your existing Active on Site Abandonment (Active on Site metric/flow trigger) Flow in Klaviyo.

If you don't already have one set up, create a new flow in Klaviyo. The flow should contain 2 to 3 emails spaced 1-2 days apart, and the content should be similar to your welcome series content e.g. "Thanks for stopping by!"

2. Change the Trigger metric from "Active on Site" to “Active on Site Reclaim.”

If you’re starting from scratch, Create a New Flow and choose “Metric” as your flow trigger, then Active on Site Reclaim.

3. Next, add the following recommended Flow Filters which will exclude anyone who has taken an action included below:

  • Placed Order zero times since starting this flow AND

  • Placed Order zero times in the last 1 day AND

  • Checkout Started zero times since starting this flow AND

  • Checkout Started Reclaim zero times since starting this flow AND

  • Added to Cart zero times since starting this flow AND

  • Added to Cart Reclaim zero times since starting this flow AND

  • Viewed Product zero times since starting this flow AND

  • Viewed Product Reclaim zero times since starting this flow AND

  • Has not been in the flow in the last 14 days

  • Received email zero times in the last 7 days where the flow equals the original Active on Site flow

4. If you're using another vendor, please ensure you also exclude their abandonment metrics when setting up the trigger above.

5. Add a delay after the trigger that is 15 minutes longer than the delay on your original Active on Site flow.

If you don't have a current Active on Site flow set up, as a general recommendation we suggest staggering flow delays from highest to lowest in the funnel.

You know your brand best, but in general, that means Active on Site would have the longest delay since it's the top of the funnel.

Example flow delay structure:

Active on Site

2 hours

Viewed Product

1 hour

Added to Cart

30 minutes

Checkout Started

15 minutes

Flow set up is now completed

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