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Add revenue tracking script to Recharge
Add revenue tracking script to Recharge
Updated over a week ago

You can use your's revenue tracking script to capture order information for your contacts that land on your Recharge page. Tracking codes typically are used on the order status page. The data will be displayed on your dashboard once it is collected.

What you'll need

Your revenue tracking script from From your Retention Dashboard, click Code Script. Then, click View Your Script. Check the box next to Revenue Tracking, and click Copy Code.

Add script to Recharge

1. Go to Storefront > Checkout in Recharge. Scroll down to Thank you page, and paste the revenue tracking script from in the box below any existing code.

2. You will need to replace ORDER_NUMBER, DOLLAR VALUE, and ORDER EMAIL in the script with Recharge's variables.

Replace ORDER_NUMBER with order_number. Replace DOLLAR VALUE with total_price. And replace ORDER EMAIL with email.

So this section should look like this:

  geq.trackOrder({ order_number: "##{{ order_number }}", order_amount: "##{{ total_price }}",   
  order_email: "##{{ email }}" });

Note: If you are using custom revenue tracking variables, insert those instead of the ones shown here.

3. Click Save.

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