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Set up Reclaim for Viewed Product in Dotdigital
Set up Reclaim for Viewed Product in Dotdigital
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This feature can identify browse abandonment contents for both unknown, non-logged in users (Grow contacts) and known, non-logged in customers (emails in your Grow suppression list). If you use this feature, we will send all of those Viewed Product events to you.

NOTE: We must enable this feature for you. If you’ve not already spoken with someone on our team, please ensure you request that we enable this for you.

To use this feature, you must have the most recent version of our script on your website and the Dotdigital integration. You can find your script in your account under Code Script > View Script.

Click here for a link to all our tutorials on how to add the script to your site, in case you need a refresher—and here's how to setup a Dotdigital integration.

On your website

Note: If you're using our custom Shopify Integration app, the Viewed Product script will automatically be installed.

Inside of your site builder, add our Viewed Product script to fire when someone views a product:

<script>geq.event('Viewed Product Reclaim', item);</script>

If you do not have an existing Viewed Product tracking script, add this to your theme:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var item = {
        Name: ##{{ product.title|json }},
        ProductID: ##{{|json }},
        ImageURL: "https:##{{ product.featured_image.src|img_url:'grande' }}",
        URL: "##{{ shop.secure_url }}##{{ product.url }}",
        Brand: ##{{ product.vendor|json }},
        Price: ##{{ product.price|money|json }},
        CompareAtPrice: ##{{ product.compare_at_price_max|money|json }}
geq.event('Viewed Product Reclaim', item);

Create Viewed Product campaign

Once you have the Viewed Product script added to your site, you will need to set up the automated email campaign.

1. In Dotdigital, go to Email campaigns > All email campaigns. Then, search for your existing browse abandonment campaign.

2. Check the box next to the campaign, and click More Actions > Copy campaign.

3. Name the campaign Viewed Product Reclaim, and click Copy.

4. Click to edit the Viewed Product Reclaim campaign.

5. Drag and drop Liquid markup where you want the product details to appear in the email.

6. Click in the Enter markup box to add your liquid code that's specific to your email. When you're finished, click Apply.

Here's an example of how that would look:

7. When you're finished, Save the campaign.

Set up Viewed Product flow

1. Go to Automation > All programs. Click Copy next to your existing Browse Abandonment program.

2. Name the program Viewed Product Reclaim, and click Continue.

3. Set or adjust the enrollment schedule as needed to fit in your automation schedule.

4. Click browse node in the flow and then again in the pop-up. Then, click the X next to the current node entry to remove it.

5. Click Create New.

6. Add Insight data with this rule, and click Apply (click Apply on all pop-ups):

ViewedProductReclaim data collection
The number of records for each contact is greater than or equal to 1

7. Click the campaign node in the flow, and then choose Change Campaign.

8. Search for the Viewed Product Reclaim campaign you created, and select it.

9. Adjust the flow to best fit your marketing efforts (ex. delays, follow-up emails, etc.).

See Viewed Product events

Once everything is properly set up, Viewed Product Reclaim events will appear in Dotdigital.

1. Go to Contacts > All Contacts.

2. Then, select your All Contacts Address Book.

3. Enter the email address, and click Search. Then, click the email address.

4. Select Insight data, and choose ViewedProductReclaim in the drop-down menu. The Viewed Product events will show in a list below that, and you can click on each one for more details.

Note: Your client success manager can send test events through for you when you're ready.

Additionally, you can see these events successfully passing through in your account when you see the Viewed Product option populate under Event Details. This is an easy way to confirm that our events have been successfully implemented.

Have questions? Message us on chat or email us at support[at]!

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