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Include a Custom Identifier On Your Contacts
Include a Custom Identifier On Your Contacts
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You can pass a custom identifier with the contacts you collect with This identifier will be included in the payload we send via the integrations you have set up, allowing you to connect an email to the identifier provided. You will also be able to view the identifier in your account.


You include a session_id that would get sent along with the email we resolve for one of your site visitors. This allows you to connect information in your systems that utilize session_id to an email address.

NOTE: We highly recommend anyone using a customer data platform (CDP) to include an identifier that you are utilizing in your CDP.

How to set up the Custom Identifier

1. Ensure you've added the Retention collection script to your website.


The Custom Identifier code must run before the function.

When you call geq.identify(), you must include 'user_id' as the key.

The code for your customer identifier should be appended between the geq.load() function and the closing </script> tag. See the image below:

Custom Identifier code

geq.identify({user_id: '123456'});

2. Replace the value for user_id with your respective identifier.

Custom Identifiers have a limit of up to 55 characters.

3. Add the code to your site:

4. Once you've added the custom identifier to your site, it will be passed to your integration as 'user_id' — and will also appear in with the contact as Custom Identifier.

You'll also see the identifier in the CSV file if you download your contacts:

How to add an integration identifier

You can also add an integration identifier to your contacts collected by The identifier — "GE" — is not visible in your contact details (like the above option) since it's added post-collection.


This option is enabled by request, please email if you're interested in adding an integration identifier.

This option is enabled automatically for Klayvio contacts.

Once this setting is enabled by support, the field value that we send is data_source = GE.

Below is an example of how the identifier will appear in an ESP once you've integrated with

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